Our rice flour is not a common flour thanks to the natural used process (patented process), where the flour acquires the softness that makes it get great cohesion, although it is gluten free.

We affirm that in some recipes, rice flour replaces completely the traditional wheat flour and with very satisfactory results. In some cases where heavy ingredients are used, the result may not be the same. However, we do not use any synthetic nor
ingredients in our processes and our flour is not exposed to the risk of cross contamination as we obtain raw materials from an approved producer and control all processes from milling to final product.

Our industry refrains from using any ingredient containing gluten or allergens.

Note: The results obtained in any kind of products made with our flour (Casarão rice flour) will be different from the results obtained with any other kind of rice flour available in the market, and the difference exists in the natural change due to our
registered patent of ownership. Before replacing our flour by another, perform tests to avoid any problem with the final result.
Our production line of pasta is developed only with the rice flour we produce, so our pasta is more consistent despite being free from artificial additives.

Our products are 100% natural and without animal intervention or sacrifice.


Development, production and sales of gluten and allergen-free foods, not only for intolerants and allergics, but also for the public awareness about their own health.

Ensuring excellence and reliability when delivering our products, so that all people can choose healthy and delicious foods, and so get the preference for our brand due to its quality


To be among the best and most important gluten and allergen-free food manufacturers in the market, seeking to be a benchmark for excellence in this sector.

In a constant update, seeking innovation and knowledge, to develop new products that meet the needs of consumers.


Total customer satisfaction

•  The main reason for the existence of any company

Appreciation and respect with consumers

• People are our greatest differential, because with them everything becomes possible

Being present in this important market for healthy foods with great representation

• Together our brands become stronger

Respect the environment

• This is what makes us believe in a better tomorrow

Social Responsibility

• Very necessary for the growth and development of a fairer society.


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